The Ultimate list of free tools for English teachers

The ultimate list of free tools for teachers

For today’s blog post we thought we could give you a breakdown of all the great free tools for English teachers, which we use in our classes. All these tools have been chosen with English students in mind. We are sure you may know some of them. However, we thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place. We couldn’t add all of these tools in just one post so we’ve divided them into three different posts which we will be publishing shortly.

But before we go right into them, let us tell you that we’ve divided all these tools into categories. Like that it will be easier to look for the tool that you really need. These are the categories:

  • Level testing
  • Production
  • Assessment

So let’s get started:

Level testing

GoGetter English’s Cambridge English Level Test – Try it!

The most important thing when you start teaching, besides a good needs analysis is in which level you place your students. This is one of the best free tools for English teachers. There are many placement test quizzes and forms, but very few actually tell you what you can do to improve and which path you could take in order to make meaningful progress. Well, our Cambridge English Level Test, send you a report with all the progress points you need to make. Everything is put into a graph and then sent to your students. The report also suggests which test your student might be ready to prepare and an estimation of the total he or she might need to pass the test. The best thing is that it’s for free.

The tests in this incredible website will also give you an idea of your students’ level. It doesn’t provide you with an overall level, but it does help you grade your knowledge in different areas. The quizzes are all divided into topics, which can be helpful to know which area of your students’ need more help. Try them out here.

The Online Level Test by the British Council

It’s a very short test that actually makes super straight-to-the-point questions. It does also include a kind of feedback for each question that is answered. This feedback is related to your knowledge of the question. It isn’t a very ‘intelligent’ test, but if you do want to know your students’ level it’s a quick and easy way to do it. Have your students try it here.

Cambridge’s English level Tests

Cambridge scores and levels

The Cambridge English level Test is actually one of the most particular English tests. There are 25 questions as well, but these not only test your grammar level, but also the students’ comprehension level, which is a plus. The questions are really clear, but what we really liked was the comprehension aspect of it. Try it out!

Production and learning

Hello English Try it out

This app is just one of the most successful apps for student development. It includes games, quizzes, interactive exercises. It even has an in-built chat in which you can talk to teachers and ask them your doubts. Just like we do! And one of the most surprising things is that it is focused on Spanish English learners. So, it might be a great app for your students to complete after class.

Duolingo Try it out

We’ve been in love with Duolingo since the day it was released. We knew that this app was going to change the market, and boy did it. English is just one of the 27 languages that you can learn on Duolingo. Its translation method along with spaced repetition is probably one of the most intelligent algorithms out there. A great tool to suggest students.

Quizlet Try it out

This is one of our personal favourites. You can easily say that GoGetter English was one of the first Online language schools to start using Quizlet. Quizlet is a flashcard application that helps you learn new vocabulary with games and tests. We have hundreds of units on the platform which our students use daily. Its integration with Google Classroom is just another great feature. It’s the best application to help students learn vocabulary.

Verb Challenge English

It’s a really great app to help your students practise irregular verbs. It’s actually very funny. The app sets you at a school where all the staff have turned into mutants and you need to turn them back to humans by choosing the correct answers. The gameplay is actually very similar to Ninja Fruits and it sure is hilarious. Try it out!

Verb challenge

Assessment and Correction

The assessment area is quite a tricky when it comes to find easy-to-use and great free tools for English teachers. But don’t worry, we have found and created a few 😉 just for you to use.

The traffic light corrector

This is not actually an app, but it is a super simple tool that you can use to correct your students. You can either use an Excel spreadsheet or Google’s spreadhseet. We prefer Google’s because it’s totally free. 🙂 The system helps students see what they need to improve thanks to the notes you take. Many times, especially during a speaking class, when students make mistakes, it’s really hard to slip in a correction. So, what we do instead is write it in our Traffic light corrector. In this spreadsheet we make matrix type grid in which we write in the mistakes in three categories. The red categories which are mistakes that can be considered serious. The yellow category, which can medium mistakes or pronunciation blunders. And the green category in which we add in the aims achieved or new words that the student uses.

Traffic light English correction sheet

Once the class is finished, students can check what mistakes they have made online. If you are a more of an offline person, you can print out the grid and make your notes by hand. Then you can give them out to your students and ask them to correct them. This step of the process will help them look into their mistake and hopefully avoid making it again. It is a lot of work, but it’s an incredible way of helping your students individually. You can check and use our sample Google Spreadsheet system here.

Cambridge Assessment

The Cambridge Exams Score calculator

This is probably one of the best tools we have created for all of our Cambridge students. We all know that correcting and grading Cambridge tests is a pain. Well, we have made that easier for you. You and your students will know their exact score and level after they have completed the test. Just key in their results in each part and voilá. You will automatically get not only their numeric score, but also their level in each part. Like that you can actually help your students focus on the parts they need most help with. This is just the CAE Score Calculator we will soon make more available.

CAE score calculator


We know that to be a really good English teacher you need to have the best free tools for English teachers. Consider our blog your tool box. We will keep adding more useful tools in the following weeks. Be sure to follow us and check them out.



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