C1-C2 – Fixed phrases Vocabulary – Worksheet

fixed phrases

Fixed phrases are phrases that are set so that you cannot change the wording even if the literal meaning would stay the same. This is because a fixed phrase is culturally accepted. So, it might only make sense to speakers from a certain area.

A fixed phrase does not necessarily have any literal meaning on its own. A really interesting fact is that they may also function as idioms (e.g. in black and white).

We tend to use fixed phrases widely and really help us sound natural. It would be difficult to say that these are less important than commonly used phrases. It is also not easy to draw a clear distinction between fixed phrases and compound words.

A great example of this distinction is the phrase; I SEE – which can literally mean to be able to see, or it could also mean ‘I understand’, which would be the fixed phrase.

It would be necessary then to probably draft two types of lists. One which would include common English fixed phrases and the other one that would include Idioms. And so we did.

Download our list of FIXED PHRASES.

Download our IDIOMS BOOK.

However, there might be another category known as binomials which you should know about. Binomials are usually two words which are joined by ‘and’ or ‘or’. These expressions serve a very clear purpose in your English:

  • Using them helps you sound more natural
  • You can actually express a lot with just two words
  • They help you rephrase complex sentences into sentences native speakers understand
  • These are phrases native speakers will surely understand.

You can check out our wonderful collection of binomial expressions on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to check our Synonyms post. It will help you remember more words to make your English great and perfect.




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