C1-C2 – 10 confusing words in English. Careful!!!

confusing words in English

We have chosen just 10 confusing words in English to take your English to the next level.

When it comes to speaking and writing, sometimes just one letter in a word could change the meaning of your sentence. In reality, there are so many words in English to choose from with hardly any difference. This makes it easy to confuse words in English.

What’s more, it’s easy to misuse these words because of their meaning. Meanings can also be confusing because these might very similar at first.

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Here’s a small list of confusing words in English:


Diseased: suffereing from an illness or disease

The only remedy is to cut off and burn the diseased branches.

Deceased: person who has recently died

The only picture was of a teenage boy, apparently the deceased brother.


Locate: find the position of someone or something

I wasn’t able to locate the boundary limits on the map

Localize: confine to a particular part or area

The thief had been localized around Hyde Park.


Luxurious: very rich and comfortable

The hotel room was luxurious and comfortable

Luxuriant: abundant in vegetation

Some of the volcanic soil is barren, but much of the district is clothed in luxuriant vegetation.


Eminent: distinguished

He is an eminent judge from another state

Imminent: likely to happen soon

The way they were treating each other, a break-up was imminent


Ingenious: clear and skillfull

He really does have an ingenious sense of humour

Ingenuous: innocent, naive

I can’t understand her ingenuous attitude. She knows better than that

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