The best way to learn more vocabulary

English Before Going To Bed – Episode 11

One of the questions we get asked a lot is: “Teacher, how can I remember all the words that come up in class?” And well, the answer isn’t very simple, but we’ve broken it down into five steps that you can follow. Listen to our podcast and find out.

hosted by: Rohit

In today’s episode we’ll be telling how you can try and remember more words by just doing a few things we have tried and tested with over 2000 students.

The secret to learning new words isn’t an easy one. However, the few steps that we have been able to identify will help you make it easier to remember and learn new vocabulary.

It is also true that it is easier to remember new words if you somehow can link it to a context or a situation that you find motivating. However, this won’t happen as often as you’d like. So, you need to develop certain habits that will help you apply the best way to learn more vocabulary.

We hope our tiny podcast has helped you learn some English.

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Podcast 11 – The best way to learn more vocabulary

You can check what we have talked about here.

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